Even in the great state of Table where even the steers get sunburned

​Even in the great state of Texas where even the steers get sunburned, are nice to have on a rainy day.  Also there are nights when a good friendly game would be an excellent way to end an evening.  A pool table would be great for that, but they are not the cheapest thing you can buy.  Used pool tables might be just right for you.

As they are still well priced even used it is best to take sometime to make sure you wholesale Table Legs get a quality table. Even if some pool table repair is required you can still get a high quality table for the price of cheap pool tables. They are all but impossible to move yourself  and they are as much of a piece of furniture as your coffee table so you really want to get the right one.  Always consider it a piece that you will keep for a lifetime.

Perhaps the hardest part of buying your used pool table is finding one at the best price.  This is not as easy as it sounds and can take quite a while, but before you cut corners remember the “lifetime” thing.  You need you find someone that has to sell it, preferable very quickly.  These people are moving and have to get rid of it (maybe within the next few days!) and are willing to let it go at an inexpensive price.  To find a deal like that you are going to have to plow through newspapers and be willing to wait for that perfect deal.  On the other side of that coin are the people who just want to get rid of their pool table.  Beware.  They are in no rush to get rid of it, so they are willing to hold out for a much higher price.

Now there are some things you need to think about as well, namely who is going to be playing it and where will it be.  You don’t need the same finish for the kids in the basement as you would for the gaming room that the adults use too.  For them, you want at least a veneer but preferably solid wood.  Not only do they age better but are a good sign of solid construction.  While you are at it take a peek underneath.  You want the wood to be sealed there as well (you will know when you see it) and hopefully see that it bolts from the bottom.

The other big concern you should have is the slate.  It is unlikely you will see one with a single piece of slate, such as valley, are more for younger players.  You want the slate in three pieces, they level easier.  You also want to get one with one inch slate.  Measure it because they will try to pawn off 7/8 inch for one inch and it is not the same.  The pockets?  Are they painted or dyed?  The paint will start to flake at some point.

The biggest thing you really might need to know is have it professionally moved.  Yes, it cost money but is safer for your used pool tables and much easier. 

Weintroducepups and older dogs tothe table set at a 12 inch height

You may be asking, “When canI start agility training withmy new puppy?”Puppies are always learning, so every time you are with your pup you can be playing and socializing withagility in mind. Always remember, if you can control your puppies environment, you can teach and train the behaviors you want, left on their own, even in a fenced yard, puppies will learn and develop behaviors that later we may want or needto extinguish.One of the first behaviors we teach our pups is “Table” or “Box”. This behavior transfers to the agility pause table. But more than that, the table is Balcony Railing Manufacturers the center and control point of our puppy training. Weintroducepups and older dogs tothe table set at a 12 inch height. If you have a very small pup you coulduse an 8 inch table, but even with bigger dogs we use the 12 inch table and not higher.To begin, lure pup up on a low pause table, treathim for getting on thetable. Oncethe pup is comfortable getting up on the table, then lure the pup up to a sit. You can also lure to a down. Next you want to work on distance to the table. If you have a person to help you you can use a white target plate on the table, take the pup and step back from the table about 3 feet. Have your helper make a noise to get the pup’s attention, and place a treat on the table. Release your pup to, “Go table.” The pup gets his reward only when getting up on the table. If you don’t have a helper, than place your treat in a covered container that will be recognized as a treat box for your pup. Leave the treat container on the table, step away from the table about 3 feet, face the table and say, “Go Table”.If your pup is very young, you can hold him as you lift him off the table and move away from the table. If your pup is too big for you to hold then use a flatbuckle collar and light dragline for your pup.Now introduce your jumps to your pup. But you are not going to use the jump bars yet. First you want your pup to go through or between the jump uprights. Set a jump about 4 feet away from your table. Take your pup to the other side of the jump. So you are lined up pup, jump, then table. You want to get your pups attention to the treat on the table, either with a helper or a treat container, release your pup to the table, “Go Table”. Let the pup run ahead of you, but go meet him at the tableso that he can get his treat,praise him then offer him another treat for sitting on the table.Progress with adding one extra jump at a time.Spacing the jumps about 3 feet apart.You are developing a jump chute that will lead the pup to the table. Remember your goal is to build the command, “Go” and “Table”. You are also teaching the pup to move out ahead of you, working away from you and getting comfortable working around tables and jumps. Your pup is gettingfamiliar running through the jump uprights, but you are not focusing on having your pup jump.With all your puppy training, have fun with your pup. Use all your puppies motivators, praise, toys, and food. It is up to you to be more interesting to your pup than all the other distractions out in the yard.

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